Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Dairy Recycling?
Dairy recycling is simply the re-purposing of excess dairy products (containers and contents) from one state into another. We take products that normally would be dumped into a landfill and recycle it for the common good.

What Is The Process For Dairy Recycling?
Excess dairy products (milk cartons, juice cartons and more) are crushed at our Zeeland, Michigan recycling facility. The plastic is then baled and prepped for recycling. Some of the plastic is converted into corrugated field tile, which helps the drainage of crops. Excess dairy products, including milk (both regular and chocolate), yogurt, cottage cheese, juice and even eggs are converted into animal feed.

How Much Product Does JBC Dairy Recycling Keep Out Of Landfills?
We save 3 million gallons a year from going into landfills. This is 25.5 million pounds of product that is re-purposed, or 12,750 tons.

Why Should Companies With Excess Dairy Products Work With JBC?
Our recycling services can save your business money. The cost to dispose of excess dairy into landfills can be high and it is bad for the environment. In contrast, at JBC we can recycle your dairy products for a greatly reduced cost. Recycling your waste with JBC is good for business.


How Can My Business Start Recycling?
It is easy to get started and we are here to help. Simply Contact Us today. Our team can help your business achieve your recycling goals.

“There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.”

Annie Leonard, Proponent of Sustainability